Our planning process can be as detailed as you require to ensure our wedding transport fits in perfectly with your other plans.


We understand each wedding is unique so provide plenty of customisable options for you to choose from to tailor our vehicles to your needs.


We normally provide ribbons, flowers and ties for the chauffeurs in the colour of your choice to match your theme. Some of our most popular colours are shown here, but we’ve got lots to choose from, and if we don’t have it, we’ll try and get it for you!

The Journey

The route we take you to get to each of the venues can often be changed – you may know of a scenic route we haven’t spotted or have favourite places that would look great in the photos. Once we have agreed on the route with you then there won’t be any extra time or distance charges to worry about.

But I’ve Changed My Mind!

With so much to think about some things are bound to be forgotten until the last minute – don’t worry! We always do our best to accommodate last-minute changes.

Behind The Scenes

As classic car enthusiasts we always spend plenty of time maintaining the cars to ensure they are reliable and immaculately presented.

As the wedding day approaches one of our chauffeurs will normally drive the route(s) and work out which route is best and how long it will take. They check the best access to venues and remember any good opportunities to get great photos with the car. They would also highlight any potential problems and suggest possible solutions or improvements.

Further planning is usually carried out as we always do all that we can to ensure your peace of mind and total satisfaction.

Take a look at our approach on the day, read more about us or take a look through the cars.