Dorothy and Harriet with our chauffeurs

Dorothy and Harriet with our chauffeurs

Special Packages

Get the best value for money with our special multi-car packages.

Why choose a multi-car package?

We've chosen cars which totally compliment one-another, so if you needed several cars then we'd be happy to help.
There are many reasons you might need more than one car -

Transport more people

Lots of people round the cars

Our cars can comfortably take 3 to 4 people, so why not book a second one to transport the bridesmaids and mother of the bride. Save time on the day with a second car.

More photo opportunities

Photo opportunities

One car will certainly look amazing, but having two can provide an amazing frame to your photos - group shots are particularly good.

Cover bigger distances

Driving down a long road

Our vintage cars are more than capable vehicles but longer distances can mean there isn't time on the day to make multiple trips. Book a second car and save time.

Example packages

We've included some of the most popular packages here.

See some example photos below or check that your cars are available with our availability form.

Rolls Royce Vintage

Grace Alice

Treat your bridesmaids and guests to a spot of vintage charm with two stunning wedding cars.

Rolls Royce Champagne Gold Pair

Grace Winnie

If you need to get a few more people to different places on the day, then our modern Jaguar would help.

Matching pair

Alice Harriet

Our vintage Citroens and Jaguar XJ work really well together - Harriet with Alice.

White wedding triple

Harriet Harriet Alice

Ellen, Harriet and Alice look fantastic together, or in pairs.

Classic Bentley

Alice Dorothy

We work with the owner of a lovely classic Bentley to provide it in a 2 car package.

Mix it up

Harriet Winnie Charlotte

Why not add on a groom's car? It'll make sure he gets there on time! The Roadster or Jaguar work for this.

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  • Thanks to our chauffeurs for helping to make our daughter Laura's day so amazing!
  • A collection of our stunning wedding cars, led by Grace, our newest wedding car to be restored.
  • Harriet and Catherine, setting the scene for a great photo. Photo by Laura Rachel Photography -
  • The happy couple celebrate after the ceremony with Harriet (white) and Dorothy (burgundy) 2 of our lovely vintage Citroens. Photo by Laura Rachel Photography -
  • Dorothy (Burgundy) and Harriet (White) make a fantastic pair of vintage wedding cars. Photo by Laura Rachel Photography -
  • Harriet, our white Vintage Citroen, next to the Bentley that you can hire in our special package. Photo by Laura Rachel Photography -
  • Arriving at the church as lead car. Photo by Laura Rachel Photography -
  • Group photo, perfectly framed by Alice and Harriet.  Photo by Laura Rachel Photography -
  • Enjoy even better wedding photos with our 2 car packages. Photo by Laura Rachel Photography -

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We work closely with Laura Rachel Photography photography - there are lots of their pictures throughout the site!

Like us, Laura Rachel Photography don't charge extra if you run over - the price you agree is the price you pay. They offer various packages to cover you from getting ready right through to the party.

Take a look at Laura Rachel Photography's wedding photographer pages for more details.

Get in touch with your requirements and we will be happy to give you a competitive quote.

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