On the Day

When the big day arrives you can be sure our chauffeur will arrive on time in a magnificantly presented car ready to wow your guests.

Reliable, Friendly & Professional

Our service will be at your pace – there is no rush or pressure so you can take as long as you need – we don’t charge extra if it takes longer than anticipated (although don’t delay leaving for too long – your partner might start getting worried)!

  • The cars will be in attendance ahead of the agreed departure time; additional photographs with the car could be taken at this point if required.

  • Upon returning to the car your chauffeur will be waiting for you and you will have a perfect photo opportunity.

  • During transport from the ceremony to the reception we will happily comply with any reasonable request to go to an alternative location of your choice (as arranged in the planning stage). This is ideal for a chance to relax briefly together or to get more photos.

  • If your ceremony and reception are at a single venue then your chauffeur will gladly stay to meet you after the ceremony. It’s another ideal opportunity for more photographs with the vehicle(s) and perhaps a little drive around for the happy couple šŸ™‚

  • If you’ve pre-arranged onward travel with us then once you’ve finished having a wonderful reception, our chauffeur will be ready and waiting to give you a relaxing journey to your destination.

A Worry-free & Pressure-free Service

Our attention to detail in the planning process will help to ensure that your wedding day transport goes smoothly. Our professional chauffeurs are very experienced and know how to guide you through the day. They are used to working with photographers and other suppliers as closely as needed.

We love to keep things simple, particularly if it means your day is made much less stressful too. We have therefore made the decision to never charge extra if your agreed plans end up taking a bit longer than you thought they would but please don’t leave us waiting whilst you have a sit down meal or do the entire group photos first šŸ™‚

We will never charge you for extra time or mileage on the day – the last thing you need is extra stress worrying about paying for additional hours of service.

This means if the vicar takes a little bit longer reading a special poem, your friends play a silly joke or your photographer takes a couple of extra brilliant shots there is no need to worry – we formed the business with an aim to be as flexible as possible.

We think that’s really important as above all we want you to be totally happy with our cars and service.