Winnie is our stunning modern classic Jaguar XJ Executive, finished in Champagne Gold. She is one of the last real classic-shaped Jaguar XJs. Winnie complements Grace, our champagne gold Rolls Royce but is equally capable of being the lead vehicle.

What Makes Winnie Special?

Popular wedding colour theme

Works as a main or second car

Practical for onward travel in the evening

Modern amenities

Classic look with white leather interior

Under Winnie’s Bonnet

Our car has the twin turbo V6 engine and as per all of the Jaguar XJ range, the car drives smoothly and effortlessly, oh, and she is quick too!

The styling holds echoes of past with the fluted bonnet shape going way back to the series 1 Jaguar XJ of the 1970’s. We searched high and low to find one of the finest examples of this marque and we eventually found this superbly presented Champagne Gold example.

Excels as a Main or Second Car

This car will make a grand entrance as main bridal car, or the colour works equally well as a second car. The interior is incredibly luxurious and a perfect colour to compliment the exterior.

Our Jaguars are ideal as a pair of modern cars or for additional cars when booking one of our classic or vintage wedding cars. See our packages for more ideas.