Once we saw how amazing Harriet looked when she was restored, we jumped at the chance to purchase Alice. She’s the same age as Harriet and restored to be just as comfortable. As far as we know, Alice is one of the last of this model of Citroen to be made right here in England.

What Makes Alice Special?

Spacious interior for up to 3 adults

Traditional white wedding car

Great as a solo car or in a package

Great heater

High reliability

Alice’s History

Alice is another of our in-house restored vintage wedding cars and was built at Citroen’s factory in Slough, England in 1928.

Like Harriet, we have conducted a thorough restoration to bring Alice up to our very high standard.

The exterior and interior needed totally stripping down and renovating so we were able to draw on our experience with Harriet to get custom parts made where needed. The whole restoration was carried out to the highest level of quality possible.

Only 5 Remaining Worldwide!

Like our other Citroens, Alice is the British equivalent to the French Saloon version and is recorded alongside Harriet and Dorothy, as 1 of only 5 survivors worldwide.

We’ll be sure to update the website if we manage to acquire one of the other 2 remaining vehicles!

Our top priorities are safety, reliability and comfort so Alice, like Harriet and Dorothy, has had some concealed upgrades made to enable her to meet our strict standards.

Alice is also fully weather-proofed, with a heater to enable year-round operation.