Catherine, our modern Jaguar XJ

Catherine, our modern Jaguar XJ


Catherine is a beautiful white Jaguar XJ Executive. She is happy to work as a main car or alongside one of her older vintage sisters!

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Catherine is available to book throughout our large coverage area no matter what time of the year.

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Wedding car checklist

  • Lovely traditional white main vehicle
  • Also great for transporting bridesmaids, Groom or anyone that won't get a seat in the vintage car!
  • Practical for onward travel in the evening

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  • Our burgundy Vintage Citroen (Dorothy) alongside our more modern white Jaguar XJ in the snow. Photo by Just-Shoot-Me Photography -
  • A collection of three of our wedding cars.
  • Our stunning white wedding cars - Harriet, the Vintage Citroen alongside our white Jaguar XJ. Photo by Just-Shoot-Me Photography -
  • Our two Jaguar XJs make perfect modern wedding cars whilst retaining a classic feel. Photo by Just-Shoot-Me Photography -
  • Our modern Jaguar XJ outside the wedding venue. Photo by Just-Shoot-Me Photography -
  • Our modern Jaguar XJ outside the wedding venue. Photo by Just-Shoot-Me Photography -
  • A close up of the style of wedding decorations that we often use.
  • Popping the cork on your special day with the Jaguar XJ.
  • We never charge more for extra time so you can take your time getting the perfect wedding photos.
  • Our Jaguar XJ is perfect for couples wanting a more traditional white wedding vehicle.
  • Enjoy a romantic glass of celebratory champagne in our Jaguar XJ.
  • The Jaguar is able to cope in all weathers and is used as our back up vehicle for the Triumph Roadster in case it rains.
  • Our decorations can be altered to suit your other arrangements.
  • The wonderful fluted bonnet that was re-introduced for this version of the XJ.
  • There is no pressure to hurry on the day - we don't charge ever charge for extra time.
  • Enjoy a comfortable journey with our Jaguar XJ.
  • Our cars are always immaculately cleaned and polished before the wedding.
  • Our Jaguar XJ looking at home outside Bletchley Park.
  • The view of the back of the Jaguar XJ and its special registration number.
  • A side on view of the front of the Jaguar XJ.

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Whilst our cars are mainly classic or vintage, we specifically wanted a modern car for the fleet, but were keen to avoid modern 'kit-car' (a new car made to look old). Therefore we welcomed Catherine as our first Jaguar XJ, particularly given the model's genuine classic pedigree.

This Series 300 model was a re-design by Jaguar of the XJ40 back to the original 1960's style, complete with the traditional fluted bonnet and chromed grill and bumpers.

Our car is the ‘Executive’ specification, offering excellent comfort, climate control air conditioning and ample space for the wedding gown. Also you are guaranteed to enjoy a smooth and comfortable journey due to Jaguar's renowned engineering and quality.

Grill of the Jaguar XJ
Jaguar XJ and Alice, one of our white vintage Citroens

A perfect pair

The Jaguar is equally at home as a stand-alone wedding car or as a second/third car for Bridesmaids. It could be a car for the Groom or for onwards travel to the hotel after your reception.

We have also added a unique and appropriate number plate to this vehicle to enhance your wedding photographs even further - see the photo gallery to view this car in action.

Catherine perfectly compliments either of our two white vintage Citroens Harriet and Alice, so be sure to ask about adding her as a second or third car when you enquire about availability.

Thank you for the two beautiful cars. Harriet was so beautiful and the Jaguar was very nice as well... From Sylvia
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
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